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The Idaho Innovation Center is committed to helping small business owners grow their business. See what rooms we have to rent.

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Idaho Innovation Center gives entrepreneurs confidence to aggressively start and grow their small businesses through collaboration, education, mentoring, and advising. Don’t miss out on this opportunity

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Working as an Incubator, IIC offers a variety of inexpensive spaces to rent as well as reception service, phone systems, conference rooms and others to help start your successful, small business.

The Idaho Innovation Center is a business incubator providing resources to small, fledgling companies where entrepreneurs can confidently and aggressively start and grow their small businesses through collaboration, education, mentoring and shared resources.

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TALKIN-BUSINESS is a weekly show hosted by seasoned entrepreneurs Tyler Price and Bryan Magleby. Each week Tyler & Bryan will be interviewing business professionals & CEO’s, various Economic Development leaders and industry leaders who are making a business impact throughout the State of Idaho. Each show will consist of in-depth interviews with 1 to 2 professionals, PLUS every show will end with a special BUSINESS TRAINING segment.

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  • As I come to the end of my lease, I want to reach out and share my appreciation for all you have done. You came along at a perfect point in my business. Not only were you a great help in finding a place to settle, but your help and your instruction was invaluable. I have learned and grown a great deal. Your approach is the perfect balance between small business and growth. Thank you for the memories and I hope we can stay in touch. I highly recommend this system for anyone who is in the process of growth or incubation.

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    Dustin Harris
  • It is a perfect central location for where I need to be each day. The programs and classes available offer great support to local business. This place has everything we need to run our business and be successful. It has allowed me to have an affordable place to run my business.

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    Jesse Bedke
  • IIC really cares about the tenants and the growth of their business. Being around other business owners truly helps my own growth.

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    Dustin Harris
  • The IIC provides a collaborative environment where the needs of startups are directly supported and the necessary business skills and strategies are taught and developed. There are so many things entrepreneurs need to learn and know, the IIC and the SBDC really fill in the gaps and greatly enhance our potential for success! The IIC has helped our business with business support, networking opportunities and focused training. The staff are all highly invested in the success of our company and continually provide resources which are focused on the needs of the tenants. The benefits of having the SBDC, SCORE and the RDA on-site are extremely valuable.

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    Shawn Perkins
  • I love the supportive staff and friendly tenants at the IIC. I appreciate the equipment and access to the meeting rooms. It would be much harder to be motivated if I were trying to do business alone somewhere else.

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    Kimberly King
  • There is a positive energy of people growing businesses.

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    Nathan Porter
  • Having our office at the Idaho Innovation Center has truly been a great experience! Our business has grown during the past few months, and we have been able to add more employees to our office. There are great resources, new programs and an amazing staff here. We love the Idaho Innovation Center!!

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    Janet Mowers
  • Between the businesses at the IIC, there is a family atmosphere. Everyone is rooting for each other to succeed. There are multiple opportunities to improve all aspects of our business. Being here has made it financially to work on growing our business.

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    Brandon Reed/Jeremy Shive
  • Having office space, internet, conference rooms and support in the way of printing capabilities allows developing businesses the ability to concentrate on the business rather than the details. Being a tenant has many benefits. Beyond that, having facilities to conduct business activities including meeting with potential clients is a very significant benefit. The IIC has thought of most things tenants need. They do such a good job!

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    Ron Carlson
  • The Innovation Center is a business incubation facility. It is the ideal facility to host our technology development R & D company that looks forward to reaching success. My business has had business development support, the stability to grow over time, goal driven management and representation of corporate outlook.

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    Bamidele Omotowa
  • I really enjoy the resources offered by the IIC. Also, the community partnerships that are a part of the meetings and trainings. The office environment is very professional and classy. The support team that runs/manages the IIC are professional and very helpful in all things needed. My tenancy at the IIC has been greatly blessed by the whole team that supports new business. I am proud to have my clients and business partners meet with me here at the center. It truly reflects the professionalism and standard that I desire in all my business endeavors in the future.

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    Rod Hutchins
  • IIC has given me a place to work and grow my business. I have been able to work with the SBDC and SCORE to educate those that come to start a new business.

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    Perry Bugbee
  • IIC has provided an atmosphere of increased professionalism and has added perspective and enthusiasm of other businesses. There are additional resources like business support and educational opportunities to network.

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    Jack Briggs
  • Our relationship with the Idaho Innovation Center has been nothing but positive. We have been able to reinvest our income back into the business because of the low rent and access to existing equipment.

    There is a serious amount of support, mentoring and workshops offered to get help get a business on the right track. By utilizing these resources, we have been able to avoid costly accounting mistakes and pitfalls that emerging entrepreneurs experience.

    The internet service at the Innovation Center is better than we have experienced anywhere else. Our area is very quiet and promotes an effective work environment. We are very impressed with the overall value that we get every day at the Idaho Innovation Center.

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    Milton E. Montague Jr.
  • Excellent place to launch new business. Good exposure and a lot of support available.

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    Lloyd Westbrook/Orlando Calderon
  • Our small business (Advanced Ceramic Fibers) has been utilizing the resources of the Idaho Innovation Center for over two years now. The facilities and infrastructure support are top-notch, and the personnel responsible for keeping things running are responsive to our needs, very professional, and a joy to work with. I would recommend to anyone starting a business to utilize the resources of the IIC.

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    Ken Koller
  • The IIC feels like a family environment instead of a business. The classes and coaching has been instrumental in the development and success of my business.

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    Jeff Parsons
  • IIC is awesome! Great seminars and great trainings offered.

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    Will Ricks

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