Talkin’ Business

TALKIN-BUSINESS is a weekly show hosted by seasoned entrepreneurs Tyler Price and Bryan Magleby. Each week Tyler & Bryan will be interviewing business professionals & CEO’s, various Economic Development leaders and industry leaders who are making a business impact throughout the State of Idaho. Each show will consist of in-depth interviews with 1 to 2 professionals, PLUS every show will end with a special BUSINESS TRAINING segment.

Each week Tyler & Bryan will ask a TRIVIA QUESTION for our listeners to win a special gift provided by our weekly guest speaker.

The TALKIN-BUSINESS show is hosted each Tuesday at 2pm.

How do I watch?

Watch the show LIVE each week on YouTube or Facebook or binge watch past episodes.

How can I get on the show?

If you would like to be a GUEST SPEAKER on TALKIN-BUSINESS, please send an email to for consideration.

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